Welcome. This is your quickest study for Elder Care LTC. A non-profit Educational project to promote Elder Care LTC understanding.
Fact is, while daughters and wives provide the care, Men who often don't want to make the decisions on this, especially need to understand the consequences to the family if plans for Extended Care are not made.
The risk of Care need may be small... But, it's a crisis that can be a catastrophic long term Family event spanning years and even generations.
You are not doing this for yourself. You are doing this for them.
In many cases, it's not about spending money.
It is about beginning to plan for protecting your family and their future
by knowing what to consider before the crisis hits.

What to expect and choices to consider.
A Totally FREE comprehensive place to start.
Wisdom and help - No Sales - No referrals - No Hype.

The number one Reality is...
MEDICARE does NOT pay for LTC !!! You do!
The second reality is how much money you’ll need.

Someone you love, who loves you, day by day slipping away, is the ultimate in powerlessness. It is truly hard to watch and even harder to endure if it is you.
When you contemplate the fall through “Life’s Crack” and realize the meaning of this risk, safe help is here for free.

As you will see, Elder Care is a whole different world. Many families have found this guide helpful. You'll learn how to rescue your family from "Family Quicksand". That’s the word you will use when you realize Elder Care is needed. The future of your family can be at risk.

There are 4 sections:

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