Welcome. This is your best source for information and solutions for Eldercare. It is a 4 section review of Personal or family path, How to access help, Ways to protect any of your family or personal assets, and how to evaluate solutions before the crisis.
American Eldercare Association is a Non-Profit educational and experience sharing facility for early planning and Eldercare anticipation as well as when the need is here. What can be done when you have not anticipated this crisis and are now struggling? Help is also available to evaluate how this care actually works and the 15 different ways to pay for Eldercare. It is different from Healthcare. Medicare and other Insurance are of little help.
There is today little opportunity to share and learn about Eldercare subjects and concerns. The Care Industry restricts meaningful access to information and criticism of Practices, Laws, Alternatives and Costs of Eldercare. American Eldercare Association can help with practical information to shop alternatives to types of care and finance solutions.
The risk of Eldercare need may be small but it will be a crisis that can can feel like a long term Family event spanning years effecting family future.
The reality will feel like "Family Quicksand", an emotional and financial crisis with little help from Medicare or other sources.

Someone you love, who loves you, day by day slipping away, is the ultimate in powerlessness. It is truly hard to watch and even harder to endure if it is you.
When you contemplate the fall through “Life’s Crack” and realize the meaning of this risk, safe help is here for free.

As you will see, Elder Care is a whole different world. Many families have found this guide helpful. Your future and the future of you family can be better with knowledge and planning.

There are 4 sections:

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