Most folks think "Happy Thoughts" when they are first forced to deal with Eldercare LTC. Surely there are Federal and State programs that can be used. Wrong!

Instead you will use up lots of time with family fights, lots of family trust and emotions, work days, and probably most of the person in care’s money before they go on Welfare MedicAID.

It is really about trying to prevent the 3 "nesses".

Loneliness - Helplessness - Uselessness

In my experience is that Eldercare is a private business with many players who are aware that your life savings are available for them to provide care. Your task is to chart your course through this maze to get the best value for the least savings threat.

You'll see that there are choices no matter what your financial status. You have choices that are free too. No need to end up broke, dead or both. You will gain knowledge and insight to establish a Learning Planning Path to manage your family's role in this inevitable life event. What you know is one thing. What you find out is another. The difference is what’s at risk.

The American Eldercare Association provides resources to understand the problems of Eldercare today. Tools are here to assess the need for care and evaluate alternatives many of which require little expense. There are also many ways to help with new advances in "voice only" technology solutions for seniors.

Remember, it's not just about you or your parents because your whole family will suffer emotional and financial hardship too. And the next generation as well.

Most care is provided, planned or purchased by Daughters and Daughters in Law.

I started this project to illuminate the Eldercare predicament. Something that no one else is talking about.

Who Is This Guy?

I’m Lou …long retired yet vital. I believe people don't wear out... They rust out. Not much rust on me yet, thankfully. I do this to keep busy. What I do is FREE to any one who wants it. I don't need any money.

My Management background in the Military - USAF, Decorated Vietnam Veteran, Business - 3 Fortune 100 companies and Finance - Retirement investment firms, means I know how to think and get things done.

I am Current President of a local American Association of Individual Investors ( and past President of a local Military Officers of America Association ( Both non-profit volunteer groups.

It’s been my passion to be actively involved in the pain of personal family Elder issues for 30 years and I tell it like it is.

Lou Annacone, Retired, Married 50 years
Founder and Caretaker-In-Chief

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